For Mason

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…just found out there’s nudity on Flickr.

Gonna be a long night.

Happy 30th tomorrow Carolyn! Welcome to my decade!

I don’t even know you, but…

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…there’s no reason for you to be as insanely obnoxious as you are. So knock it the fuck off.
Shut off your damn cell phone, stop breeding if you can’t control the little shits, bathe — for christ fucking sake — PLEASE bathe, don’t step on or touch me or run into me with your shopping cart, and get the fuck out of the fast lane if you’re causing a backup.
That is all. Have a nice day.

Stupid CBS…

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…was supposed to start showing the US Open Men’s Finals starting at 1, but here it is 1:07 and they’re still showing football. I do feel bad for Agassi, although the Ferrero (is he pretty or what?) vs. Roddick match should be spectacular.