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How can you not love Woot!? Their current deal of the day is a PMP, which I couldn’t care less about, but check out that picture on the PMP:

Merry Happy HoHo

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…and my fav:

Awwww… Ferrets!

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Dane is Lame

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Salon agrees.
Seriously, I wouldn’t even listen to that dude for 5 seconds with my penis in his mouth.

Shake Me

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I kept looking for Mel Gibson’s LS430 wrapped around a pole outside my house, but was not to be.
Gave me a good jolt. I had to put the washing machine on spin to finish the job. Damn you, tectonic plates!
Ok, grossing myself out.


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Went to Kathy Griffin last Thursday. Despite being a bit late, she went on for over 2 hours with entirely new material.
To end, she read an email she received just before the show. I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like this:

Hi Kathy.
I was wondering now that you’re single if you’d ever try a woman. I’d really like to meet you and think we’d have a wonderful time.
I’m staying at the EconoLodge and my room number is…

Most excellent show. The Warfield was a bit hot, but it was all laughs the entire time…

Bea and Rock

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It’s so fucking hot outside, and this has nothing to do with that:

What’s next for the iPod guy?

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“Maybe you know who I’m talking about Steve — it’s Jesus the Messiah. He was born in a donkey’s feeding trough, even more humble than a garage.”


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Lori’s mom snapped this in Sequoia Natl Park. I haven’t the foggiest as to what it is, but it gives me the heebs and I’m quite sure it made an appearance in the Wrath of Khan…

TV Shopping

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Think I’ll take the plunge and replace the 250lb boat anchor in my living room when I get back from HK. So many different formats, sizes, inputs. Decisions, decisions.
And now I have to worry about snakes. That’s right — snakes.