Jan-Michael Vincent was Passed Out After a Bender

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Edward dedicates his time to caring for [his 1974 VW Beetle] Vanilla and composing car-themed love songs on his keyboard. He reveals that his taste for mechanical love extends to a fascination with aircraft – and even claims to have made love to Airwolf, the high-tech helicopter from the 1980s TV series of the same name.

Flying Penis

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Chess legend cum politician Garry Kasparov is interrupted during a speech.

Well Stocked

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Look what I found at work! And not being used!

portable A/C

Well Insulated

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Came home today around 7. It’s around, oh, 68 outside. Inside my house? 83.

Living room poolOpen windows do me no good when there’s no breeze.

I does dawn on me, however, that since I’m not renting I could put a pool in my living room without any disclosure…

Nevermind, I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

Living room pool! Clothing optional! Any takers?