Cousin Fucking

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And the results:

BRAZORIA, TX (KTRK) — A state trooper found a six foot alligator in the back seat of a burglary suspect’s car early Saturday morning.

The trooper told Eyewitness News that William Johnson found the gator in the road near Angleton and loaded it up into his Buick Regal, then broke into a house in Brazoria.

DPS Trooper Steve Stanfield explained, “From my understanding, he tried to get a big screen TV out of the house. He couldn’t get it in the car by himself, so he recruited a neighbor, who, when he saw the alligator, dropped the TV and said, ‘Alright, I ain’t got nothing to do with it.'”

Officers arrested Johnson and a game warden took the alligator.

Officers also told us on Friday, they found Johnson with a four and a half foot water moccasin that had bitten him. Johnson did not suffer ill effects from the snake bite.

In Texas. I know, I’m shocked too.

My Favorite 5 Days of the Year

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Property taxes due today.

Income tax due in 5.

This searchable database over at the Chronicle really irritated me. Over 8,000 SF city & county employees are paid over $100k a year. A lot of that is overtime. A “special nurse” for the DPH was paid $117k base and $216k in overtime in 2007 netting $350,324. Cops, firefighters, DAs and bureaucrats fill out the ranks of the extremely overpaid. Why is this city insisting on making a Republican out of me? I mean, there is a fiscal shortfall and all. My uber-coiffed mayor wants a crackdown, but I just doubt it’s gonna happen. Once you can afford the ultimate feast at Red Lobster every night, there’s no going back without a fight.

Don’t even get me started on that Olympic Torch nonsense yesterday…