Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Wednesday, half day, goodbye lunch for another employee which shifts ever more responsibility on to me. I will miss her though.

  • About 4:30 that afternoon, I’m sitting in the ER having a massive panic attack. (No, the above isn’t a trigger, that scene is played out like twice a week and if I’m at peace with anything, it’s that.) While freaking at the ER — feelings of going crazy, imminent death, profuse sweating, and BP so high I’m unable to articulate full sentences, I wait an hour or two as a colorful parade of street drunks go right through the VIP line, no waiting required. Cuz I “look” normal, nervous pacing and rapid short breathing aside. I keep muttering to Mason, “just 1mg of Ativan and I can turn the corner.”

  • Nurse finally calls. “Probably panic attack, just need a mg of Ativan,” I’m begging. BP machine doesn’t work; the 5th take finally gets a reading. Much to her surprise, it’s spectacularly high. As is my heart rate. Blood O2 low, too, from all the rapid shallow breathing. Hey, guess he’s not lying! I’m asked to pee in a cup and strip down and get into a gown. I’m ushered into a room.

  • Space limited. Room divided by curtain, crazed ramblings coming from the other side. I try to remain as quiet as a mouse. I’m offered a Turkey recipe from behind the curtain, which I don’t even acknowledge. But to her mind-altered credit, she was topical, even if delivered as “Hey, fuck hey there, you, oh my fucking god, I’ve got the best, [hack hack hack], best fucking Turkey recipe.” I kept quiet. She was snoring less than a minute later.

  • See Doc. Obviously knows his stuff. Two minutes later Ativan arrives. 2 more minutes and I’m starting to relax and my BP had dropped 40%.

  • Given Rx for Ativan. Met with Doc no more than 1 full minute. Discharged, Mason’s obviously terrified about my well being, by taking a nap. I think he’s snooring.

  • Since tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, force myself to go Turkey shopping, after a stop by the Walgreens pharmacy to stock up on Ativan.

  • So… Thanksgiving was nice. Relaxing. Cooking on Ativan, fun, if not especially efficient. That’s my little 12-pounder to the right. Delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

I like Anthony Bourdain…

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…and his unrelenting pursuit of all things pork, smoking, and booze. But, sweet Jesus, I’ll never get this image outta my head:


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These “perpendicular” drives out today, basically the Seagate and Hitachi’s >= 750 GB, seem to be less than reliable. I swapped out my boot drives on my Quad Power Mac with two 1TB Hitachis, and put ’em in a RAID mirror to save myself the pain of doing backups. It took all of 1 day for problems to appear. I’ve RMA’d the drive, which had given me some issues before, but the lesson here is RAID mirrors are your friend. I’ve had similar odd behavior from a Seagate Barracuda 750 GB. These drives tend to run hot, and pressing them into any kind of major labor seems to wilt these precious little flowers. I’m a little annoyed that most manufactures now offer “Enterprise” class drives, supposedly giving you 24/7 reliability, which makes me wonder what the non-Enterprise drives lack. Apparently reliability. 950 GB of free space, 50% availability! Rock on.

Oh, and now that TiVo Series 3 and TiVo HD officially support eSATA drive expansions, I have one sage piece of advice that will save you a ton of money: if you build your own, absolutely purchase a drive rated for DVR use. The Seagate DB35 or Hitachi CinemaStar series. The run quite a bit more silent (good in the living room), but also produce less heat, and seek slower, which doesn’t thrash the head in 24/7 DVR use.