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Seeing as The Decider has decided he can’t bother himself with these pesky things during the holidays, it’s important to remember that whatever happens, even if there’s an army of magical peace unicorns in waiting, the pattern will continue to repeat itself:

1. Declare that we must stay in Iraq to prevent some Bad Thing from happening.

2. Bad Thing happens anyway.

3. Declare that we must stay in Iraq to prevent some Worse Thing from happening.

4. Worse Thing happens anyway.

5. Reiterate sequence.

At no point does the “Sensible Center” consider that the previous failures implicate our ability to fulfill the new mission, which is always paradoxically grander in scale while being a retreat from previous ambitions.


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…just found out there’s nudity on Flickr.

Gonna be a long night.

Happy 30th tomorrow Carolyn! Welcome to my decade!

Happy Property Tax Day!

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About a month ago, I hit my 1 year anniversary as a home owner. Yay me..

Today’s the city’s holiday F-U: property taxes due. I realize bitching about this is about as interesting as watching your grandma have sex, but for all that money, why can’t the city at least fix fucking MUNI and wash the human filth off the streets once a month or so? Is that asking so much?

This house’ll make a Republican out of me yet!

Did I just hear….

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…Wesley Snipes’ lawyer say “we’ve been emplaned for the last 65 hours” on CNN?

I guess that’s technically correct, but do you have to be, so, um, ethmanical about it? Who the hell uses that word?

Also, it’s worth mentioning the longest passenger flight recorded is somewhere under 23 hours. Believe it was a 777 from HKG to LHR.

65 hours. Horse pucky.

TiVo DRM Cracked

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Get to it before the lawyers do!

On a Mac:

tar xvf tivodecode-0.1.2
cd tivodecode-0.1.2
make clean
make tivodecode

The binary’s in objects.dir. Galleon’s good for pulling, VLC will play it, use ffmpegx or something to convert if you want QT/iPod friendly.

TiVo’s got no one to blame but themselves after having no TiVo2Go for the Mac for like 2 years. I’m surprised it took as long as it did.