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Wow, something even stupider than the Escalade itself: Pimpstar rims.
“You can even change them while you’re driving!”
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Apple OS Gallery

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More 30th Birthday Apple goodness: Wired’s OS Gallery, from the Apple II DOS 3.0 through OS X 10.0. Some of the more obscure ones: SOS, Lisa, MouseText, and the GS.
Clicking the thumbnails no worky, so here’s some linkage:

LAX Blogging

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La Cienega surprisingly not that jammed, and got to the airport a bit early. As usual, an interesting cast of characters waiting for their flights, a few even mildly attractive. (Oddly enough, the only black people in the gate seem to have clustered around me… just an observation)
I intend to get loaded on the plane. Been down here since Thursday, worked all weekend, and the only highlights being this pretentious-as-hell ‘art’ exhibit (could of been a ad pitch, just the same) and getting semi-bombed last night with my friend Erica, who has a new baby “Cupcake”:

Gonna be happy to be home, but next week heading to Hong Kong… that’ll be fun, for the first 15 minutes.


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Those nutty Japanese…

Je$u$ for Sale

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$55 advance, $199 walk-up:

More than 25,000 evangelical Christian youth landed Friday in San Francisco for a two-day rally at AT&T Park against “the virtue terrorism” of popular culture, and they were greeted by an official city condemnation and a clutch of protesters who said their event amounted to a “fascist mega-pep rally.”

Seriously, I’ve gotta scheme something up to separate these nutters from their money. It’s just too easy. Rapture departure kits? Murder the Homo or Abortionist home game?

Happy 5th!

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Mac OS X turns 5 today. Ars takes a stroll down memory lane.
Gotta wonder what they’ll do when they run out of stealthy flesh eating feline names. Mac OS X BooBooKitty? I’m outta here at the Lloyd Webber release.


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After watching these clips yesterday with Helen Thomas going after Bush, and with her as a guest with Wolfman Blitz, I can come to only one conclusion: I’d totally bang her.

The 1 Degree of Hugo Chavez

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Okay, so terrible name for this post, but ran into Cindy Sheehan walking around downtown SF a few hours ago. While standing about 2 feet from her I thought “that looks an awful lot like Cindy Sheehan.” I mentioned it to my friend, and by this point, the woman had crossed in the opposite direction. My friend shouted “Cindy!”, she turned, waved, and yelled “Hi!” Guess she feels safe to walk the streets with impunity in evil ol’ San Francisco.
Meanwhile, this Wells Fargo ATM on Market comes complete with keyboard jacked into the card slot! The future is here!


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So I turned it on for the first time in about, oh, 5 months, and I got 10 trackback spams within 30 minutes.
It’s off again.
Not like I had anything important to say anyway.
[ Note to spammers: Targeting my shit from 2003 — not so effective. Just really annoying. The stupid thing is you spam for almost all the same website. So kindly go fuck yourself. ]

Colin Farrell Curves Left

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Don’t know how I missed this.
Link [NSFW]
Two words: hedge trimmer.
Even less interesting: Pete Wentz (of Fallout Boy) is touching himself. Inappropriately. Lame ‘cum catcher’ tat to boot.