Who’s loving your mama?

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I am. I am. So ridiculous.
I love the internets.

On Being Average

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I move in to my place on 12/10. And I’ve got my binoculars ready for you people in the East Bay I can see from my living room window… 🙂

Central Valley

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Things that suck about driving in the Central Valley:
– Trucks. About a billion of them, mostly Wal-Mart.
– Harris Ranch, specifically it’s feed lot. Downright disgusting.
– Lars Larsen, right wing nut job who I listen to mostly to stay awake — because I get so damn mad. Tonight, he was lamenting FEMA paying for hotel rooms for the displaced Katrina victims, and was making a national crisis out of prisoners profiting from selling their “art.” (Of zero interest: is housing available for the displaced? How the hell can a prisoner even spend his money? Buy a fetching Vitton bag at the commissary?)
– Food choices existing only of McD’s, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr, and other crap options which have an ‘s in them
– Yokels that want to race in their F-150’s or “hemi” trucks
Things that suck about getting out of LA and even into the Central Valley:
– The 405.
Good things:
– Cows. (Excluding the doomed ones in the feed lot.) I like moo-moos, especially when they’re grazing, with calfs running around. Adorable. (Okay, and delicious…)
Time for bed.

Preach, Teach, Marry, and Bury

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Thanks to the Universal Life Church you can become ordained online in about 3 minutes. And it’s all legit. I’m Rev. Schmeeve.
Speaking of all things holy, check out Outchurched, a Podcast/blog run by a friend of mine, the honorable Rev. Dan.
Also, I became a home owner today… more on that later.